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St. Joseph Church at 200 Broadway St., Marseilles, IL 61341 US - Home

Welcome to St. Joseph Parish
200 Broadway, Marseilles, IL.

Masses Saturday: 5:30 PM; Sunday 7:15 and 10:15 AM
Confessions ~ Saturday 5:10 to 5:20PM

Office Hours
Parish Office ~ (815-795-2240)

Admin. Assistant: Rose Rogalla
Tuesday 9-5


CCD Office ~ (815-795-2251)

Religious Education Coordinator: Debbie Woodyer
Tuesday 9:00AM to Noon
Wednesday 2:00PM to 5:30PM

New Email Sign-In Page

January 2014: Google is replacing its various Google Apps sign-in pages with a single, new Google Apps sign-in page. Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and all other Google Apps services will now have an identical sign-in experience. When users attempt to sign in ...

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A vision of Heaven
As Dale McKay was facing death, he spoke to writer Nancy Schertzing about his feelings and his hopes for heaven. Later, Nancy spoke with Dale's widow, Ellen, who shared the joy of their marriage and the moving experience of Dale's death. Their story is filled with love and hope that speaks to all of us.
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Part 4: How to Be a Dynamic and Evangelizing Parish
Two very different parishes show what it takes to be both energetic and spiritual.
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30th Sun [A] 2014

A fundamental theme that runs throughout the entire Bible is this: "God offers, we respond." God's offer of love for us is a given; His unconditional love is always offered to us no matter what. The result, however, is conditional. The result depends upon our response to His offer.

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First Positive Conclusions Regarding The Holy See Report For The Convention Against Torture
The Committee for the Convention Against Torture (CAT) has released an advance unedited version of its Concluding Observations on the Initial Report of the Holy See. These Observations recognise that the Holy See has made many serious and substantial reforms on its procedures that further ...

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